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Merchandise to support our mission

The official Corporate Rebels webshop is a fact! The best news? 100% of the profits (books excluded) go to the Corporate Rebels Foundation.

Let us start with this message: we do not want to stimulate unnecessary purchases. What we want to achieve is more awareness of the choices you have and to give you a good alternative. In an earlier blog post, we wrote about raising awareness of the gap between sustainability reporting and sustainability practice. Spoiler alert: we think we are doing a good job buying a shirt made out of organic cotton but in many cases, brands don’t always walk the talk. So setting up our own merchandise shop was something we really needed to overthink a few times. We’ll share our journey in another blog post in the near future.

So merchandise huh? Why?

We want to collect money to achieve our mission to end inhumane workplaces around the globe. 100% of the profits (books excluded) go to the Corporate Rebels Foundation to support initiatives for better workplaces for those who still have to work in harmful work environments. Wearing a Corporate Rebels item, you show you are part of this movement. You can proudly show that you are supporting fun AND humane workplaces. And of course, there has to be a little rebelliousness in it. What about the words ‘Fewer meetings please’ printed on your t-shirt? Well, with that you will make a statement.

And what are the pro’s?

All of the merchandise is sourced and manufactured responsibly. We only work with brands that run their business properly; taking care of people and the planet. Let’s sum up the good points.

Eco-friendly, sustainable and good working circumstances

And of course, we really dived into this one. We only wanted to work with brands that produce as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. Not only the fabric but also the ink that is used. Plus we choose the best quality to make sure your item will last for a long time. We’ve found this in Stanley/Stella as their items are responsibly made. Read more about their path to sustainability here.


All items are basics. And basics last long. So no hip fashion items but only timeless items that can be part of your wardrobe for many years.


The clothing is printed on demand at a Printful location nearby you. So when you buy a sweater, shirt or bag only one item in your ordered size is produced and sent to you. This means no stock and less emission for the shipment of your garment.

Carbon negative

Carbon negative as we compensate 10x the products' CO2 emissions.

Supporting fresh water projects

For the participants of the Corporate Rebels Academy, we have created a special item: a Retulp stainless steel drinking bottle. But don’t worry, if you are not part of the academy we are also selling these limited bottles through the webshop. The coolest part? Retulp donates 1000 times the content of a Retulp bottle in drinking water to developing countries.


Did you get excited? Have a look at our shop. And again, please overthink your purchase. What about first cleaning out your wardrobe and sell or give away items you don’t wear anymore?

Click here to visit the shop.

P.S. In case you don't need any merchandise but are still keen to contribute to the Corporate Rebels Foundation, we invite you to donate directly to projects aimed at ending inhumane workplaces. Donate here.


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