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How we work

The Corporate Rebels Foundation is designed to orchestrate the following activities:

  • Raising money and resources;

  • Selecting and funding impactful projects;

  • Building a community of businesses, charities, and individuals;

  • Increasing awareness on exploitation at work: where it is, what it's like, how to change it.

We work closely with our community on these activities.


Our own work - and the projects we support - are guided by 3 core values.



A lot of times, it is unclear how foundations spend their money. This makes people hesitant to donate. We believe in radical transparency. We also expect that from the causes we support.

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Brave action is required to end inhuman workplaces. To truly have an impact, it's vital to stand up for what you believe in and take bold risks. We're not looking for half-hearted commitments. We're funding rebelliousness.

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Long-term solutions are the ones that matter most to us. No patch work or superficial fixes. We're here for real impact; now and for the future. Our funding goes towards those that have the potential to create long term change.

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Every year, Corporate Rebels donates 10% of its profits to the Corporate Rebels Foundation. In addition, we collect donations from the community and beyond.

Based on our mission and values, we fund projects around the world. Would you like to submit a project for funding? Hit the button below.

Funding projects

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