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A lifetime of safe work

There are a multitude of factors that force the marginalized populace in rural India to remain confined to a vicious cycle of poverty. Limited decent employment opportunities due to lack of marketable skills or inaccessibility constitute an important such factor.

The result is that many women are forced to move to big cities to make a living. They have to leave their families and start working in factories under poor working conditions.

To fight this, we're supporting the WELL (Women Empowerment Through Livelihoods and Leadership Development) project initiated by the Jaipur Rugs Foundation in India.

What's the aim of the project?

Yash Ranga of the Jaipur Rugs Foundation: "The aim is to teach women who live in rural poverty skills so that they can earn money with the craftsmanship for the rest of their lives. This means that they are not forced to move to the big cities to find work there, but can work in the countryside where they live and provide for their families."

How does it fit with the Corporate Rebels Foundation's values?


Yash: "We follow a very robust project monitoring and evaluation framework. All the data that we capture with the photographs and contact details are shared with the collaborator. We share monthly, quarterly and project closure reports with all the data and progress updates. A joint committee is set up with the collaborator and periodic check in calls are organized to share the learnings and feedback sessions."

"We also encourage field visits for our collaborators to get the firsthand experience of the impact and transformation. During COVID-19 we use technology to connect with collaborators. Success videos, case studies and pictures are well documented with both baseline and end line survey."


Traditional Indian communities do not give women the opportunity to work outside the home. This project provides a solution to this.

Yash: "There is a myth that we have to migrate to urban centers to develop our careers and the impact of COVID-19 has hugely affected 40 million migrant laborers. Our door step sustainable livelihoods model makes the project rebellious as - contrary to Indian community values - uneducated women in rural communities can learn a creative skill, become financially independent, and take care of their family at home."


Yash: "There is a huge demand for authentic craftsmanship around the world. If we train women in this field we'll be able to make a lasting impact. Our unique approach to engage with the communities to develop their creative skills to sustain them on their socio-economic transformation journey has enabled us to develop a network of 40,000 women artisans in 600 villages of India."

How much funding is needed?

Our goal is to raise € 20,000 so we can set up a training center and train 50 women for a lifetime of safe work environment. After 6 months of skill training they will be able to earn livelihoods at their doorsteps.

The Corporate Rebels Foundation donates the initial fund of € 5,000 and an additional € 5,500 is donated by the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI). We hope to raise the remaining € 9,500 through donations from individuals and partner organizations.

Yash: “With the Corporate Rebels Foundation's initial funding of € 5,000 we will set up a training center for 12 women. We increase the number of centers as we raise more money."

We'd love to have you on board as a supporter. Click the donate button below to donate directly to this project.


What's the current funding status?

Total goal: € 15,000

Currently raised: € 15,000

Status: Project fully funded and in execution!


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